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November/December, 2018
Completed videos for UNWomen and Unilever partnership on safe rural spaces in India and Kenya

October, 2018
Interview shoot at UNWomen Safe Spaces conference in Edmonton, Canada

September/October, 2018
International Rice Congress, Singapore - produced video, booth, leaflets for Oxfam America keynote speech and side events on SRI

September, 2018
Codex Alimentarius in Chile - shoot around controversial 2016 food labelling law and its consequences

August, 2018
Flooded Cellar on shoot in SE Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam for project documentary video of SRI-LMB programme and then on to Assam India and Kericho Kenya to work with UNWomen on video for their Safe Spaces programme

June-July, 2018
Final edits of the NAP-Ag climate adaptation in agriculture videos approved and on line: overview video here and climate change and gender video here

April, 2018
Our video here (for FAO) accompanies the publication of new @BristolUni research on #antimicrobialresistance in celebration of World Veterinary Day, 28th April 2018

March 8, 2018
Happy International Women's Day!! Here's our #IWD2018 video for FAO: NAP-Ag & Women in Vietnam

February 2018
Produced a Chinese version of FAO's Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness video for promotion of #AMR awareness across China

November, 2017 - January 2018
Worked on promotion of Antimicrobial Resistance (#AMR) awareness in collaboration with FAO and produced reports on AMR in Kenya, Bangladesh and UK

October, 2017
Produced a video which was played in a World Webcast from FAO, Rome on 8 November at 13.30 at an Ambassadorial event and then from WHO in Geneva, to launch the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 13-19 November 2017

September, 2017
Production of a video which featured at the two day Sustainable Wood Forum held at FAO on 31 October & 1 November 2017 (also available here)

August/September, 2017
Shoots in Netherlands & Corsica towards video on plastic pollution

July, 2017
National Adaptation Planning in Agriculture, Vietnam for the Food and Agriculture Organisation

June-August, 2017
Shooting in SE Asia and India to gather material on the benefits of the System of Rice Intensification, particularly for women. With thanks to:

the Asian Institute of Technology's SRI-LMB project

CIRTD in Sundergarh, Odisha, India

Nirman in Kandhamal, Odisha, India

Sabarmatee and her team at Sambhav, Nayergarh, Odisha, India

Oxfam America in Cambodia

May, 2017
Codex Alimentarius language versions produced and now viewable at

March, 2017
FAO's Gender pages now feature the Flooded Cellar video, 'Seedlings of Hope'

8th March, 2017
Happy International Women's Day!! Celebrate by buying SRI rice from Lotus Foods, produced on family farms with respect for women, water, soils and communities. Oh - and check out the video we made for them!!

Women's Day also being celebrated Flooded Cellar-style at FAO

December, 2016
FAO video published on women's empowerment and climate change: Small holder farmer, Mrs Ssekide, joined the Balyejjusa farmer field school and convinced of the benefits persuaded her husband to join too. She tells her story of how successful working as a team has proven to be. In Uganda, almost 80% of households rely upon agriculture for their livelihood, and following her example could prove highly beneficial for the nation’s well being

October/November, 2016
Flooded Cellar commissioned by FAO to shoot in Uganda and edit videos on the Global Climate Change Alliance and the national adaptation plan for agriculture. Official video produced for GCCA side event at COP 22 in Marrakech. Additional videos on climate adaptation and gender also commissioned.

October, 2016
Video series produced by Flooded Cellar and Cornell's SRI-Rice Center now being used by USAID's Peace Corps to educate on the benefits of SRI to 'Feed the Future'

September/October, 2016
Production of English and Lao language videos for IFAD's FNML programme in Laos: Improving market access for ginseng and An overview of the FNML programme in Laos

September, 2016
Produced a series of teasers for the World Health Organisation's Codex Trust Fund second phase.

July/August, 2016
Codex in the US videos: Long version and Short version

May 2nd, 2016
Flooded Cellar's Sue Price and Declan McCormack to hold a series of workshops at Cornell University on video for development, including 'Championing the Champions: Filming SRI in the Global South'

April 2016
Flooded Cellar commissioned to shoot video on the work of the Codex Alimentarius in the United States.

March 2016
Flooded Cellar's portfolio of photography now online

March 2016
Video highlighting the work of the joint FAO/IAEA division and the ways in which nuclear science contributes to the work of Codex Alimentarius' food standards

January/February, 2016
Final videos on Codex in Lebanon include videos on safety and standards in the olive oil sector (Long and Short) and an overview of the institutional approach to applying Codex standards at a national level

January-February 2016
Shoot in Laos covering IFAD's FNML and SNRMPEP projects. Videos produced on the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and In the Land where the Bong Tree Grows about the Pacoh ethnic group

October-November 2015
Flooded Cellar Productions shoot in Lebanon

October 2015
Best practices in food safety highlighted in Flooded Cellar latest video from Bangladesh

August 2015
Flooded Cellar educational video series on SRI promotes the Best Practices praised at Milan Expo2015

July 2015
Flooded Cellar Productions provided video services to the Codex Alimentarius at their annual CAC Conference in Geneva.

May-July 2015
Edit of Honduras melon videos now available as a short version and a long version.

April 2015
SRI-Rice Center at Cornell wins the Olam Prize for work on SRI. Read Farming First report, which includes Flooded Cellar video introduction to the practice.

April 2015
Flooded Cellar SRI training videos being used by WAAPP project and SRI-Rice Center in West Africa for farmer training. See SRI West Africa for English versions and SRI Afrique Ouest for French versions

April 2015
Flooded Cellar's Declan McCormack awarded the Kathleen Barker Award by the Society for Theatre Research to support his PhD research project at York University, UK

April 2015
Flooded Cellar website now updated to include a dedicated page on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

March 2015
See Declan McCormack's Guardian (UK) contributor page here

March 2015
Flooded Cellar-produced video for WFP Uganda now available on WFP website

January-February 2015
Shoot and edit for Codex Alimentarius on the successes of the melon production chain in Honduras

January 2015
Return shoot to Kenya for Tech 4 Trade (T4T) on upscaling Transaction Security Services

December 2014-January 2015
Production of short video for World Food Programme in Uganda and work on Purchase for Progress (P4P) scheme

November 2014
Flooded Cellar video produced for FAO ICN2 side event on food safety and food security Edit on gender and land in the Balkans

October 2014
Flooded Cellar hired to shoot in Bangladesh for a video about nutrition and the link between food security and food safety. The video will be screened at FAO's International Conference on Nutrition being held in Rome 19th-21st November where 4,000 attendees from around the world including many of the world's Heads of State will discuss issues relating to improving nutrition

September 2014
A video has been produced about NCDs and nutrition in the Cook Islands, highlighting work done by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to help address the issues. An article written by Declan McCormack for the Guardian newspaper includes the video

August 2014
Flooded Cellar crew visit to the Cook Islands hits the local news

July-August 2014
New videos being planned for the Codex Alimentarius with a visit to the Cook Islands to document their National Food Safety System and further shoots planned to look at food fraud and food safety and nutrition.

April & May 2014
Flooded Cellar shooting in Sierra Leone for FAO's International Year of Family Farming

March 2014
Flooded Cellar's Declan McCormack on shoot for International non-profit, Tech 4 Trade, in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

January-February 2014
Flooded Cellar produced a video for the FAO about their operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

February 2014
Completed an ongoing project to produce video for International Farmers' Organisations involved in the Farmers' Forum in Rome.

December 2013
Flooded Cellar produced short videos clips for PROCASUR

October-December 2013
Flooded Cellar produced language versions of all Codex Alimentarius videos. They are now available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, with Russian and Chinese soon to come.

Production of a report on 'Foodlinker' - an app developed by a small company in Barcelona, Spain which matches patient records to food product bar codes, helping help people suffering from allergies to shop worry-free

September 2013
The Pearl of Africa Child Care Charity works to improve the health, education and welfare of people suffering through disease, war and poverty in Uganda. The charity supports the Molly and Paul Foundation in Uganda that runs 7 schools and homes for orphans throughout the East African country. Flooded Cellar has now provided Pearl of Africa with a promotional video for their Children's Choir that visits the UK from Uganda from September to December each year. The video can be seen here

In addition, a full playlist can be found here that also contains videos about the stories of individuals in the choir, Paul, the founder of the schools, volunteers from America and Faridah Walden, former Molly and Paul student - and now a Ugandan popstar!

July 2013
The full video produced by Flooded Cellar for the Codex Alimentarius Commission 50th anniversary celebrations can be seen here

July 2013
The Codex Alimentarius Commission is holding a conference at the Food and Agriculture Organisation 1st-5th July to celebrate 50 years of food safety. Flooded Cellar-produced video news reports can be seen on the FAO website:
India - organic farming and the food we eat
Uganda - fisheries and the food we eat

June 2013
Short video on remittances to Nepal and the social benefits they bring, used at IFAD & the World Bank's Global Forum on Remittances: Sending money home to Asia conference in Bangkok, May 2013 - now available here

June 2013
The playlist for our Rural Finance video series from Mozambique is now live in English here. Portuguese versions to follow!

June 2013
SRI in Nepal video for Cornell University is now online at : SRI NEPAL - Long version. It will be used at a Swedish parliament seminar on Global Food Security in the context of Agricultural technologies and is already being used by the Himalayan Permaculture Centre to demonstrate the advantages of the SRI methodology.

April 2013
Cornell University's SRI Rice Center has asked us to edit some of the material we shot in Nepal about the SRI trials and impacts at NARC and FFS schools. The final video will be used by Shrikrishna Uphadhay of the SAPPROS NGO to present SRI at a seminar on "Global Food Security in the context of agricultural technologies" hosted by the Swedish Parliament in June

March to June 2013
Flooded Cellar has been hired to produce the 50th anniversary video on the Codex Alimentarius for the FAO and WHO

February 2013
Our SRI video series has now been launched on Cornell University's SRI-Rice site and IFAD's dedicated pages on the SRI methodology

February 2013
Our latest set of videos - from Nepal - are now available for viewing here

January 2013
Flooded Cellar's SRI series to be used as a teaching tool this spring, on international development courses at Reading University

December 2012
Global Soil Partnership video "Soils: a hidden resource" can be seen in English, French and Spanish on the FAO website

November/December 2012
Flooded Cellar Productions is producing a video series on micro finance tools in rural Mozambique - from the beach to the bank.

November 2012
Flooded Cellar has been asked to produce a video for the upcoming Global Soil Partnership conference being held at FAO on 5th December

November 2012
Declan McCormack is shooting in Nepal, covering international development in the isolated communities of western Nepal, remittances and migration as well as baseline material for the nascent SRI research work going on around Nepalgunj.

November 14th, 2012
The Qatar National Food Security Programme's International Conference on Food Security in Dry Lands kicks off today. Flooded Cellar's video made for the event can be seen on their website at

October 15th, 2012
World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16th October in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. This year is designated as the International Year of Cooperatives and Flooded Cellar Productions produced the material about a fishing cooperative in northern Morocco for their World Food Day video. See the video on the FAO website

September / October, 2012
Flooded Cellar hired to produce video for upcoming conference in Doha on Food Security in the Dry Lands

August, 2012
Broadcasts for Flooded Cellar productions include The Return of the Exorcists on Brazil's GNT TV and our news feature about the benefits of SRI in Madagascar on TV2 Africa

July, 2012
Flooded Cellar's first newsletter of the year is now available here

June, 2012
Flooded Cellar report 'Sowing the Seeds' about the impact of European Union funds in Senegal aired on Voice of America on Thursday June 12th - and has been picked up by SABC (South Africa), UN radio and UN in Action among others

June, 2012
Sofala Bank artisanal fisheries project closer video (IFAD) now available in English and Portuguese: Mozambique playlist

May / June, 2012
EUFF materials now complete in English, French and Portuguese - available on youtube EUFF playlist

June, 2012
Gambian footage included in Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon's address on sustainable development at Rio+20: see video

May, 2012
FAO VNR / feature edit for Rio+20

May, 2012
Contracted to produce series of learning videos on SRI (System of Rice Intensification) for IFAD with technical input from Cornell SRI Rice experts Prof. Norman Uphoff and Dr. Erika Styger

April, 2012
FAO shoot in the Gambia covering Sahel Crisis and projects targeting waste reduction for upcoming Rio+20

March 19th, 2012
Flooded Cellar Productions is celebrating 10 years of documentary and video making this week. Here's to the next
10 years!

February, 2012
Flooded Cellar-produced news features, Mali Youth and Ghana Entrepreneurship are broadcast on Voice of America / TV2 Africa

January, 2012
Sue Price produces closer documentary on successful 10-year fisheries project in Mozambique in English and Portuguese for local broadcast and international distribution
Declan McCormack produces final video about EUFF in Senegal for Burkina Faso workshop

December, 2011
Declan McCormack produces knowledge management video on learning routes across Madagasar, Rwanda and Burundi and how the SRI technique is being spread by farmers themselves

October to December, 2011
Sue Price produces a series of videos on Food Security about the work of the EUFF in West Africa

October / November, 2011
Declan McCormack produces final documentaries on EUFF in East Africa

September, 2011
Declan McCormack produces news reports for IFAD on their work with the rural poor in Mali and Ghana

August, 2011
Sue Price produces video for Bamako international workshop about Ghanan food security.

August, 2011
FAO hires Flooded Cellar to help with production of World Food Day 2011 video material in Rome.

July, 2011
Flooded Cellar in Mozambique for Phase II shoot on EUFF impact.

June, 2011
Flooded Cellar in Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Benin for EU Food Facility in partnership with IFAD and ECOWAS.

May, 2011
Flooded Cellar in Madagascar for Phase II shoot on EUFF impact.

May, 2011
Declan McCormack and Agrivisual shortlisted for AfDB financed tender for SFD in Egypt. Sue Price attends Cairo conference.

April, 2011
Flooded Cellar in Burundi for Phase II shoot on EUFF impact

March, 2011
Declan McCormack hired to provide AV training on location in Morocco for FAO

February / March, 2011
Flooded Cellar's Declan McCormack hired by RAVInvest and Traidcraft to shoot / edit in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

February, 2011
Flooded Cellar produces video illustrating results and impact of Belgian Fund for Food Security partnership in Mozambique fisheries project.

January, 2011
Flooded Cellar provides crew to cover IFAD's 'Conference on New Directions for Smallholder Agriculture', 24th / 25th January, with final videos to follow

November, 2010
CNN to air "Teatime with Bernadette" featuring the work of IFAD in Rwanda in preparation for the publication of the Rural Poverty Report

November, 2010
Flooded Cellar Productions on shoot to cover work of EU Food Facility in Mozambique and Belgian Survival Fund and Global Environment Facility in Eritrea

October 23, 24, 25, 2010
"Reviving an Oasis", a short report produced by Declan McCormack to air on CNN's "World view".

September, 2010
Flooded Cellar Productions was hired to provide material highlighting the European Union's Food Facility work in Burundi.

July, 2010
A series of films about IFAD projects in Madagascar are now on line in English, French and Malagasy at:

June 3, 2010
UK Guardian features an article about ICTs in East Africa written by Declan McCormack which also links to the video Brave New Swahili World. It can be seen at:

May 4, 2010
Brave New Swahili World a news report featuring RAVI's network in East Africa is taken up by Reuters, APTN, EBU, UNIFEED and South African broadcasting Corp. The broadcast has been timed to co-incide with the World Economic Forum on Africa 2010 which is taking place in Tanzania May 5 -7. See the report at World Economic Forum

April 2, 2010
The Return of the Exorcists to air on ABC Australia's flagship religious affairs strand, Compass on Sunday April 18th, at 10.20pm. See

March 22, 2010
SABC broadcast of 'FirstMile@Kilosa', a 20-minute feature on the RAVInvest sponsored Tanzanian entrepreneur, Mark Farahani. See release

March 16, 2010
Distributed today to Reuters, Euronews and AP, a Flooded Cellar produced video report about IFAD's PROSPERER project in Madagascar. See release

March 14, 2010
SABC to air Flooded Cellar produced documentary report on KIRSEC, the RAVInvest funded Tanzanian rural internet cafe - the first in Africa. Details to follow.

March 9, 2010
21.30 tonight, FloodedCellar's The Return of the Exorcists airs on 'Koppen XL', Eén TV

July 27, 2009
Flooded Cellar Productions' documentary 'The Return of the Exorcists' has been signed up by international factual distributor, TVF International.